Choosing the Right Real Estate and Business Lawyers

Choosing a legal team is a crucial decision. The right one can make or break a deal. A good lawyer can help you navigate the murky waters. Choosing a competent legal savior is the first step in securing your future. If you are in the market for a new house, condo or office, contact a top-notch law firm to make the task painless and less expensive.

Located in the aforementioned burgeoning bluff of Santa Monica, Stone & Sallus is the quintessential law firm. Although a sizable firm in the grand scheme of things, the firm is actually relatively small by California standards. The aforementioned firm is an olfactory by olfactory standards and has no more than seven attorneys and a handful of support staff. The firm has no shortage of clients who appreciate the bespoke service albeit at a premium. The firm has a knack for delivering the big leagues by way of client retention and a healthy quota of managed time. The firm is no stranger to the courtroom. The firm’s clientele is a diverse bunch, ranging from the high rollers to the slackers.

They specialize in Business Law which includes Business Disputes, Employment and Independent Contractor Law, Family and Local Business, and Business Compliance Services. They also specialize in Real Estate Law, Will, Trust, and Estate Planning, and more.

In addition to a solid legal team, there are several other considerations to take into account. The law firm of has earned recognition from the State Bar of California for its work in the realms of real estate, business, and corporate law. Providing exemplary representation to clients in these arenas are its forte. They also have a track record for achieving high-profile victories in court, and at the appellate level. This firm also provides representation to emerging growth clients. Its client list includes many Fortune 500 companies as well as many private companies.

The Law offices of Stone & Sallus firm are also home to some of the most respected and talented attorneys in the state. Unlike a lot of law firms, Jason and Associates are known for its innovative approach to client service. This includes having a small staff of lawyers with diverse skill sets. The law firm of Stone & Sallus also provide services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Its attorneys have helped thousands of clients navigate their way through complex transactions. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit their website at