Regenerative medicine: Daily applications and eternal life expectancy

Are you searching for iv drip doctors Los Angeles, to slow down the aging process and help you live many years? Regenerative medicine can offer you personalized treatments, tailor-made for you and nobody else. It aims to anti-age your body from within and help your biological clock to regulate and function healthily. Regenerative medicine in cases of sports injuries is now the “golden rule” for the rapid recovery and reintegration of athletes (professionals or not) in their activities, and especially in their previous performance.

Cell therapy and tissue engineering are the main methods of regenerative medicine using autologous cells and agents for the reconstruction and treatment of musculoskeletal degeneration, its related functions, and the natural treatment of pain. The basic idea is to adapt it to the needs of each patient and to rehabilitate related or concomitant problems that contribute to the respective pathology.

Application indications & contraindications of stem cell therapy

A large field of application of stem cell therapy is Orthopedics and in particular, diseases that generally affect joints and tissues. Diseases of the ligaments of the shoulders, of the elbows, of the hands’ and wrists’ tendons. Diseases such as the onset of arthritis of the hips, knees, ankles, diseases of the spine such as arthritis, and degenerative discs. All of these conditions respond well to treatment, provided they are at an early stage.

When the degeneration is advanced or there is joint damage e.g. of the hip or shoulder, then partial or total arthroplasty is required. The treatment is not applied to people under 18, as we do not know how it works on them. It is applied, regardless of gender, to people from 18=75 years old, depending on their physical condition. During its application, the anticoagulant treatment is temporarily stopped, while the existence of diseases such as diabetes, etc. is taken into account. Contraindicated in cases: malignant tumors, malignant blood diseases, and active infections.

Delivery of mesenchymal stem cells to the intervertebral disc and vertebral structures

Since about 80% of the population in Europe and America has symptoms mainly of back pain, but also sciatica, one of the most interesting applications of therapeutic stem cell administration is that of their administration to the intervertebral disc since its degeneration is at an early stage. If the disc has been destroyed, ortho biological treatment is contraindicated.

Life expectation of 130 years

We live in a paradoxical world. We can not yet cure a common cold, but organ transplants are almost always successful. We can neither solve the problem of obesity, nor a real epidemic. However, we know almost everything about the riddles of DNA. So, can we stay young for more years and in which way? The answer is “yes”, with regenerative medicine and ourselves as an ally! Never forget that everything is a matter of decision, mood, and vision.

Nowadays, science has advanced so far that children born after 2000 can have a life expectancy of up to 130 years. Our role is to allow those who want to feel young and want to be healthy, to realize the importance of prevention. And that’s why the traditional check-up we have been hearing about all these years is not enough.

Ortho biological Therapy: today and tomorrow

Proper information is the beginning of any treatment. This information requires us to keep in mind that ortho biological treatment is neither a panacea nor has it answered all the questions posed to it. However, it works successfully and in fact with spectacular results in diseases. There are also cases, where its application is appropriate and is preparing to respond to ongoing human demand; the old age elimination.