The process of finding a funeral company

The details surrounding a death can make us uneasy. Whether you’ve just lost a loved one or you’re working on pre-planning, choosing the right funeral home can be an overwhelming experience. Here is a detailed process of finding a funeral company.


You should ask for recommendations from friends and family members. You can also read online reviews to understand other people’s experiences. What do they say?

Packages offered

Funeral homes are different, so you must research the services they offer. Some offer a basic package, while others have an all-inclusive plan. On average, a package can include services like obituary writing, memorial service, transport, floral arrangement, and setting up catered meals. Does the company offer customized services? Sometimes, we get lost in the funeral arrangements and forget to keep the memories of the deceased.

Are my options limited to cultural beliefs?

If there’re some customs or religious beliefs you’d like to have at the funeral, you should choose a funeral home that supports them. Some offer services such as viewing, embalming, and cremation. As a family, you should look for the best way to give the deceased a dignified send-off. The wishes must also be respected. At Great Goodbyes, the staff will create services that reflect your unique needs. Don’t let it be ordinary.

Is the staff compassionate?

Just like any other business, you want to be treated with respect, kindness, and professionalism. As you go through a difficult time, the staff at the funeral home should provide comfort to family and guests. Does the funeral director offer options where you lack knowledge? The staff should be available and helpful.

Transparency on costs

Is the funeral home transparent on costs? Everything should be itemized with openness and transparency. Also, the consumer should have an option to choose what they want in the package. If the prices of urns and casket are not included, you should request a separate list as well. This is what will help you set a budget. If they refuse to disclose the general price, that’s a red flag. However, if the pricing is clear, you don’t expect surprises down the road.


You should always compare the location of the funeral home you choose. Whenever possible, select the one in a convenient location. Apart from that, you want to make sure you can reach the attendants easily.

Look at their facility

Once you visit the facility, you should ensure it’s clean and well-kept. Do they have a place for visitation and viewing? Is the space flexible to meet your specific needs? Only commit to a funeral home that meets your needs.